The last tribes and their legacy in fashion
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The last tribes and their legacy in fashion

The last tribes and their legacy in fashion

Lately, fashion tends to be globalized. So much that we forgot the typical attire of each ethnic group and region; as well as the handcrafted and the concept of unique and not mass produced pieces. In this account, we can find many of these traditional attires through beautiful portraits. As you will see, many of them have actually begun to be part of the collective imaginary of western and globalized fashion, such as the necklaces of the Masai women.



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I want to write a few posts to talk about other blogs or accounts on social media that inspire me and that I never get tired of looking at. This is the case with the beauty adorned instagram account:
In the account we can see portraits of women from all over the world dressed in the typical attires of their region, many of them very striking. Lately, fashion is losing its roots little by little. From time to time it is good to be able to contemplate traditional attire of an area or of a tribe or ethnic group. Its beads, fabrics, costume jewelery and make-up that they use; to be able to have new sources of inspiration and at the same time learn more about traditions and fashion throughout the globe.


Feathers, beads, embroidery, fabrics, necklaces … Each culture has had its own way of interpreting beauty throughout history, and the richness of the outfits of some of them has pleasantly surprised me. Each one uses what is most at hand depending on what part of the world they belong to and what climate they have in that place, but of course, if they have something in common, it is their immense creativity and their surprising and colorful beauty full of clothes and handmade accessories.
In this account, in addition to that, there are numerous artistic portraits.

The following pics are just a few of them, my favorites. I hope you enjoy them. What is the typical attiere in your region/country?


Mujeres de la India vestidas con vestimenta típica.


Regional fashions: Women of the world

Ukraine: Rich embroidery inspired by nature and flowers

Mujer con vestimenta típica de Ukrania.

Turkey: Richly colored fabrics and jeweled headpieces

Mujer turca con todado típico colorido.


Tibet: Rich mixture of fabrics, textures and volumes. Very original accessories

Mujer con indumentaria típica tradicional de Tíbet.


 Tajikistan: Rich and expensive hand embroidered and patterned fabrics. Jeweled headpieces


Mujer con manto indumentaria tradicional Tayikistán


The traditional Masái aesthetic. Their necklaces and beads have been much imitated and appreciated in the Western fashion industry

Mujer Massai con llamativo y colorido tocado tradicional


North America: Native American attire has served as an inspiration for fashion for decades, and is also the basis of hippie aesthetics today.


Mujer nativa americana con penacho de plumas y flecos.


Korean beauty with typical costume

Mujer Koreana con traje tradicional


Amazonian indian with one beautiful makeup aesthetics traditions of this area.

Belleza del amazonas con maquillaje tribal


Afghanistan: Veils richly embroidered, jeweled headdresses (very typical of the Middle East), and beads in the hair.

Mujer de Afganistán con tocado tradicional


Russia, beautiful handmade embroidered dresses.

Mujer rusa con traje tradicional bordado


Aztec plume

Mujer con penacho azteca


Andalusia, Spain. Flamenco dress

Mujer traje de flamenca andaluza


Young girls in colorful traditional customes, Albania. 



Woman with interesting costume jewelery-armor, Rajasthan, India. 


Street-style, Nepal



All images belong to this account. all rights reserved to their respective owners