Don't believe in smoke and mirrors marketing
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Don’t believe in smoke and mirrors marketing

Don’t believe in smoke and mirrors marketing

Marketing world is full of «magic solutions», quick shortcuts with little effort, and miraculous promises backed by a «because it has worked for me» and not «I have this experience, these studies, I follow these strategies».

Don’t let them sell you smoke. Nothing is successful out of nowhere nor can you hope to reach any peak without working it out and without knowing how to climb. Here is a brief summary of realistic, documented and real experience-based advice on what can make or break a digital marketing strategy. Above all, common sense, patience and hard work. That is the basis of everything. 



YES to …

– Have advanced knowledge on the subject or have someone who does.

-Study the metrics, develop a correct strategic plan.

-Constancy, patience, hard work. Quality versus quantity.

-Coherence! If you want to hire someone to work for 2 hours a week on your brand and to achieve miracles… Forget it! Large firms have entire teams to get where they go.

No! To…

-Thinking that anyone can develop the marketing and publicity of your brand, that your 10-year-old nephew can do it from his sofa.

-Not giving importance to developing a defined strategy.

-Don’t take professionals in the sector seriously. To think that it is an easy, fast and quite expendable job and as such it should be remunerated. A brand without good publicity gets nowhere! The big brands know it.

And to you, have they already tried to sell you smoke? Or worse … did you want to demand magical results in exange for nothing? Let’s think a bit about it all. Marketing and advertising are only effective if they are really taken seriously. And beware. They are crucial for any brand or business to prosper!




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