The fire inside you: 5 ideas to boost creativity
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The fire inside you: 5 ideas to boost creativity

The fire inside you: 5 ideas to boost creativity

There are many ways to awaken our minds, enhance our creativity. Let the inspiration run wild. Everyone has their formulas, of course. I am going to share some things that work for me.

1. Each artist has his methods

I recommend trying new ideas, researching, experimenting. Have fun in the creative process. Unlearn pre-established formulas and learn new paths, find the one that best suits you.

For example, I was taught to paint with very defined methods. That it’s okay to have them as a base. But now I discovered that there are many more «crazy» painting techniques such as using sprays, hair dryers … to distribute the colors. Use dried flowers as brushes …

This applies to anything, the more you follow «this is how it has to be done» methods, the less you will really get out of what you have inside, the less you will enhance what you personally are better at or like, and therefore less you will transmit with your art.

2. Ideas within reach

Personally, in something like creativity, I don’t believe in routines too much. But I do believe on constancy. Carry a notebookwith you where you can write down recipe ideas, thoughts, make quick drawings … It could be the best way to keep ideas flowing.

 3. What creativity should be?

In many cases, we are told that if we don’t do things on a certain way, we can’t do them. What do we understand by drawing badly, or drawing well? There is no exact «this is right, this is wrong» method. Truly, art is very subjective. The important thing, and I think that is universal, is to truly develop our unique vision of the world and know how to express it.

Great artists of history were repudiated for not following the rules of what was considered «correct» or «good» in art, but they developed a style and technique so unique that they are remembered in historya, while many of those who followed what «should be done» were forgotten.


4. Constancy, patience

And this get us to the second point: practice. No one is born knowing, and with practice, becomes the teacher.


5. Artist’s basics: Less is more

At art school, they always told us that a design is finished when nothing else can be taken from it without losing its essence. And who says design says text, recipe, decorative idea … The good, if brief, twice good.

I hope these ideas on creativity are useful. Don’t hesitate in letting me know yours!

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